Refunds Update

Refunds – The IRS set the bar low yet again this year, telling us refunds will take 3 weeks or so.  Alas, they may actually be meeting their own low expectations (and ours).  Refunds for early filers are just now starting to come in.  Here’s hoping it’s just the early rush and the IRS gets better as the season goes on.

Fraud Warning – Yeah, yeah, I’m like a broken record on the ID Theft and Fraud stuff, but that’s because it’s for real!  The IRS will never initiate contact with a tax payer by phone or email.  We’ve had many reports of clients getting calls, usually belligerent, from people claiming to be the IRS and threatening to do nasty things if they don’t get credit card or bank info right then! Don’t share your personal information with anyone no matter how convincing they sound! If unsure, call us first.

Side Note – You guys know what records are, er, were?  Those spinny things that played music.  Like tapes.  No, nothing?  CD’s?  Still nothing?! Fine like MP3 players, but broken and skipping.  Bah, never mind, digital music doesn’t do those things.  Terrible analogy!

Schedules are filling up fast, so please call if you need an appointment or help getting organized.  Or, if you’d rather, you can email/fax/mail/drop-off your tax info and we’ll usually have it ready for you within a week or so.