Refunds Update, er, Updated

Refunds – I told you a few weeks ago that the IRS set the bar low this year for refund turn-around time. Well, turns out they knew something we didn’t … they can’t jump anymore! They’re blaming an injury of course – all the fraud and identity theft. Whatever Uncle Sam. But we still have to pay on time or else, right?! Anyway, expect 2-3 weeks on average for your Federal Refund.

Georgia has been MUCH WORSE! They have basically told us “don’t even bother calling”. 30-45 days for Georgia Refunds! That said, some people have gotten Georgia refunds in as little as 3 days. No rhyme or reason to it. 2 people file on the same day and one refund is deposited in 3 days while the other takes over a month.

Anyone else notice that our government is very good at collecting our money (too much of it!), but not so great at giving those overpayments back? Kinda like that friend who’s always borrowing money. Aw, the government wants to be our friend!