Superheroes and Tax Preparers

Supergirl seems like a nice enough person (for an illegal alien), and she protects Central City from criminals Earthborn and not, but I don’t think I’d want her to do my taxes.  And she has all these great friends, and not a single one is a Tax Preparer.  Come to think of it, the Green Arrow doesn’t have a Tax Preparer in his posse either.  Well news flash Hollywood, not all super heroes wear leather and tights; some just prepare taxes!

But even superheroes have limits:  the whole time space thing.  Does the IRS care?  Nope.  April 15th is April, er well actually April 18th this year.  But please don’t make your superhero get all villain on you (and me) by waiting until the last minute to get your tax papers in.  I have to share a lair with them.  Trust me when I say coffee can’t fix everything!

And now the annual reminders:

Well, it’s crunch time for income tax filing, and inevitably some of you will not be able to get an appointment with your preparer that works for your schedule.  So what can you do?

1.       “Drop-Off” – All of our preparers have clients who email/fax/mail their information in to them.  We work on your taxes and usually get back to you in about a week with questions or results.  Then it’s just a matter of signatures, often by email or fax, and you’re done.

2.       See Another Preparer – We know you’re all very loyal to your preparers, but sometimes scheduling just can’t be worked out.  Be assured, all of our preparers are extremely experienced and knowledgeable.

3.       File an Extension – If you just can’t get all your tax information together in time, you can ask us to file an extension for you.