Post-Season Notables

Wow, this season just flew by!  Actually, not so much for us, but we’re really happy we survived at least.  A few notes to get you through the Summer:

1.       Telephone Tax Scams are all too common! – The IRS will NEVER call you directly and will certainly not threaten jail time or wage garnishment or whatever over the phone (they’re scary and know it; they don’t need to threaten).  If the IRS wants to contact you, they will do it via mail.  Not phone.  Not email.  Just hang up and go back to playing Candy Crush or being productive or whatever.

2.       Tax Facts Hours – We are available by appointment during the off-season and do not always keep regular office hours.  Please call (770-471-3003) or email ( if you have questions or want to setup an appointment.

3.       You Filed an Extension – When you are ready to finish your taxes, you can send your information by mail, email, or fax, or call or email us to setup an appointment.

4.       Questions and Tax Matters – During the off-season, some of us kinda disappear, but we are all very good about checking our email:

·         Clint:

·         Penny:

·         Ed:

·         Frances:

·         Donnie:

I came across a really funny (because it’s actually technically accurate) video on the Internet, but if you’re one of the 4 or 5 people out there that’s benefiting from Obamacare, you might want to skip it.

And finally, many of you know I will be thru-hiking the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) this Summer.  Over 2600 miles of adventure!  No poodles (sad face).  I’m going to attempt to keep a blog if you want to follow along.