The End Approaches…

…of tax year 2015.  The last day to file your personal taxes, assuming you are under extension, is 10/17/2016.  The last day to get your tax information over to us is, shall we say, quite a bit earlier than that!  In fact, now is pretty good.  Please don’t wait until the last few days!

It’s also time to start getting ready for next year’s taxes.  Isn’t that great?  We get to do it all over again!  Fun, fun.  I posted some year-end tax tips to our website last year, but it’s the same old stuff this time.  They try not to make changes when were about to vote.  Go figure, eh?  Here’s a link to the old tips:

And of course, we need to warn everyone that the scammers are out in full force, and the IRS hasn’t really been able to do much to stop them (go team gov’t!).  We’ve had many clients call or email us that they were targeted, typically by phone and often acting is a belligerent collector.  It’s a scam! If anyone contacts you claiming to be the IRS, State, or any entity working for them, do not give them any personal information via phone or email and certainly don’t give them access to your bank account!  If you receive something by mail, please forward it to us so we can confirm its authenticity.