Let’s Go Phishing!

Actually, we’re the phish, and there are a TON of phishers out there again this year!  The IRS is especially concerned with telephone scams where people impersonate the IRS.  The IRS will NEVER initiate contact with you by phone.  They much prefer nasty paper letters in duplicate.  The IRS also reported a surge in email, phishing, and malware schemes of 400% in 2016.  The latest goes something like “Update your IRS e-file”.  All these schemes look very legit, but again, the IRS will not contact you by email.  If you do get an email from the IRS or Tax Payer Advocate, it is almost certainly fraud.  Never trust links in an email unless they are from a known and safe source like me 🙂

Penny is very excited that Governor Nathan Deal has declared February 1-8 Enrolled Agent week in Georgia.  Most everyone else is going, “huh?”.  So what’s an Enrolled Agent you wonder?  Well, you will have to click on that very safe email link to our website to read about them, but the short of it is they are tax gurus.  Of course, we already knew Penny was that without needing all the titles and certifications, but I guess being recognized by the governor is kinda cool…

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