IRS Open

Just a quick heads up. The IRS opened today and we’ve already efiled a few returns, so it looks like they have their act together, but since they’re the gov’t, no promises! 😉 They’ve told us that refunds will take longer this year, but they also said that last year, and they didn’t, so we’ll just have to wait a week or so to see. My guess is they like to set the bar low.

A Few Notes:

  • Everyone should receive some sort of Healthcare form (1095-A or 1095-B) this year. We need this form along with the rest of your tax documents.
  • Most tax forms (W-2’s, 1099’s, etc) are supposed to be mailed to you by January 31, but Brokerage Statements (1099-B) get a few extra weeks because they have friends at Congress or something.
  • The IRS is dreading ID Theft and Fraud schemes this year. They say the single best way to reduce your chance of being a victim is to file ASAP. Quick stat – the IRS claims 7% of all tax returns filed last year were fraudulent! Crazy!