Tax Facts 2018 Newsletter and Coupon

There are lots of tax changes coming, but not soon.  Not THIS year anyway.  For NEXT year, there will be many changes, but don’t count on your taxes getting any simpler.  This is our gov’t we’re talking about after all!

The first day we can efile personal income tax returns this year is January 29, 2018.  Until then, we are in the office M-F 9-4, so call or email if you have any questions or want to make an appointment.

Like last year, the IRS will be holding up pretty much ALL refunds until February 15.  We’re actually hearing February 27 now!  In another year or two maybe it’ll be April!  Geesh, go IRS!  If you need money sooner, we can do Cash Advance Loans against your tax refunds of up to $2500 this year.  Ask your preparer for details.

Reminder – You can Securely Send Files to Tax Facts using our secure portal (like Drop Box).  Just click the link in this email or at our website and use the Guest Upload button if you don’t have an account.  This is safer than emailing us your information without encrypting (password protecting) it.  New this year, we will be creating portal accounts for our remote clients and using them as much as possible to send files to you.

Our January 2018 Newsletter is out and covers some of the big upcoming tax changes.  I know, I know.  You guys can’t get enough This is serious page turning tax stuff!